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I’m Keyleigh Marie a Trauma Recovery Expert specialising in supporting women just like you heal their hearts after the pain and trauma of a toxic relationship.

I have one mission and that is to support women through their healing journey so they can break the cycle of relational trauma and step into the best version of themselves.

Because I’ve been exactly where you are. I know how confusing, lonely and emotionally draining it all is.

Dealing with the constant emotional highs and lows, walking on eggshells and even questioning your reality, whether it was really that bad after all whilst trying so hard to not check their social media which will only add to the inner turmoil.

As someone who has personally walked the painful path of the healing after both toxic relationships and narcissistic abuse I know how difficult it is to truly do the work and heal and now as a Trauma Recovery Expert who continues to support women in their healing journey – I’ve experienced it all both as a client and a professional.

But you don’t have to hide behind the pain anymore.

I teach my clients how to heal their hearts, reclaim their confidence and step into the best version of themselves with accountability, authenticity and vulnerability in a safe and healthy container – which may be your first experience of what a healthy relationship should look like.

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Are You Ready?

There Are Two Ways We Can Work Together…


Join me live for a 6 week intensive yet transformational group programme where we focus on healing your heart and kick the patterns that keep you stuck in painful relationships. This 6 week programme is focused on building the a healthy, safe and loving relationship with the most important person you know – yourself.


Bespoke ONE TO ONE

Imagine having your own dedicated cheerleader and confidant walking your healing path with you and guiding you through your healing journey. That is where my 1-1 coaching support comes in. I’ll provide you with the tools and a safe space you’ll need to finally break free of the toxic cycle and create a life full of emotional peace, healthy self-concept and lived exactly on your terms.


Dealing with a broken heart is painful

 Emotional and tough but being in back-to-back toxic relationships where your heart continues to be dragged within an inch of its life is TOUGHER.

You see the truth is getting over a toxic relationship is just the tip of the iceberg.

If you want to stay out of them it includes doing the inner work to break up with the version of yourself who:

✓ Tolerates the bare minimum- *When you’re dating they are SUPPOSED to take you out on dates and call regularly*

✓ Over-functioned and performing in order to gain love – *Loving someone harder won’t make them treat you better.*

✓ People-pleases – *Acquiescing to their needs so they don’t reject you.*

✓ Sacrifices her own needs for everyone else’s – *Self-abandoning*

✓ Questions her worth – *Accepts breadcrumbs*

✓ Has low self-esteem and confidence – *has been dragged down through these abusive relationships.*

✓ Doesn’t recognise her inherent value – *Outsources their validation to others which means she’s constantly on the rollercoaster of being good enough and then not good enough.*

✓ Struggles to assert her boundaries and voice her needs – *Fear or rejection of abandonment.*

✓ Over stays her welcome in unhealthy relationships because it’s better than being alone.

You don’t have to do that anymore. I promise a healthy, safe and loving relationship is available to you but it starts with fixing the relationship you have with yourself first.

And this is exactly what I support my client’s in doing by diving deep into the mind, heart and somatic work to ensure we break the patterns, meet ourself with compassion and become fierce self-lovers so they can step into the best version of themselves saying no to anything less than they deserve.