She's more than enough™

Healing Hearts After Toxic Relationships


Are you ready to get off of the rollercoaster that is toxic relationships? My 6-week signature group programme is for women who are ready to heal from the hurt and confusion of toxic relationships and OWN their true power and potential so that they can live their life to the fullest by stepping into the best, happiest and healthiest version of themselves.


Imagine 6 whole weeks dedicated to starting to heal your heart, break unhealthy patterns, reconnect with yourself and embodying your true self-worth as you embark on your ultimate healing journey.

It’s time to heal the relationship you have with yourself, to feel empowered and step into the best, most confident version of yourself – Becoming the She’s More THAN Enough woman I already know you are.


❤︎ You make some progress in your healing journey only to quickly fall back into an older version of yourself because you get lonely or do not know what to do next but know there has to be more than the toxic relationship rollercoaster?

❤︎ You have a high tolerance for bad behaviour in relationships before you consider leaving or actually leave?

❤︎ You struggle to assert your boundaries or stand up for your wants and needs because you fear losing people?

❤︎ You self-sacrifice and people please in order to avoid rejection but in the end resent yourself and them anyway because you abandoned your own needs at the cost of theirs.

❤︎ You confuse early sexual chemistry as connection and love only to be left heartbroken a few weeks later regretting you acted too soon?

❤︎You have low self-esteem, self-value and confidence and want to level up the relationship with yourself so you can be the best version of yourself and have a healthy, loving and safe relationship?

In She’s MORE Than Enough™ you’ll learn how to go from hurt to healing whilst rebuilding your heart and cultivating a safe and healthy relationship with yourself. It all starts and ends with YOU.


I’m sure you’ve heard a lot in the healing space that you simply “just take time and all your trauma vanishes” or you just “have to get back out there” or “the only way is through” or vaguely stated that you have to “do the work”.

But what does that actually mean? I’m here to tell you that I have the missing piece to make the work ACTUALLY work for YOU.

The work is NOT focusing on them, trying to diagnose them as a narcissist or BPD, spend hours relentlessly trying to figure out why they did what they did, getting a PHD in gaslighting or thinking just because you took a year off dating you must be ready to chose differently this time.

Healing doesn’t work that way.

The truth is it all starts and ends with YOU. The work involves and is centred around  healing the relationship you have with yourself FIRST. The missing piece of the puzzle is that.

You see your external relationships regardless of if that is romantic, family or work are a reflection of your internal world and once you create a healthy, safe and loving relationship with yourself your whole world will reflect this. See how it works?


Hello Lovely, I’m Keyleigh! A Trauma Recovery Therapist and Coach supporting women break the cycle of toxic relationships and step back into their truest, most confident version of themselves with the unwavering belief that who they are is enough.

Everything I share with you comes from my own experiences and years of professional training, both as a trauma therapist and my 8 years of training and experience in the family law arena and by using the exact same tools I used to break my own toxic patterns and co-dependency cycles. It is also the exact same framework that has had proven results for my clients time and time again.

By doing this work I really uncovered who I was as a woman and by reclaiming my power I’ve managed to:

❤︎ Believe in my inherent value.

❤︎ Cultivate a safe and healthy relationship with myself which has allowed me to solidify my self-trust, rebuild my self-esteem, respect myself, trust my decisions inherently, know my worth and embody the best version of myself.

❤︎ Have a better relationship with my children. They are empowered by me every day.

❤︎ I have managed to walk away from things that do not serve me and now know I would never get back into situations like that again.

❤︎ I have managed to find my voice and show up as my fiercest self on a day-to-day basis.

❤︎ It has allowed me to reclaim my identity as a woman and utilise that so that people notice the changes I have embodied.


When you create a truly healthy relationship with yourself you can have more than healthy relationships.

You can:

❤︎ Learn to master your emotions and get out of living in survival mode so that you can show up daily living with true inner emotional peace.

❤︎ Build a phenomenal level of self-trust, self-esteem, self-worth, respect, and confidence so that you can say no to anything less than you deserve.

❤︎ Heal your inner little girl and core wounds so that you stop choosing relationships that do not serve the best version of yourself.

❤︎ Learn to assert your boundaries, uphold your boundaries and be firm with your deal breakers so you can stop choosing from wounds and choose healthy relationships that fulfil you emotionally, physically and spiritually.

❤︎ Live your life truly and authentically in alignment with who you are at your core.


❤︎ 6 live workshops. 6 live 60-90 minute zoom calls once a week with a qualified trauma recovery therapist.

❤︎ Workbook filled with actives to further embodiment. Further exploration and discovery of yourself and a range of activities to reconnect with yourself and rebuild your self-esteem.

❤︎ Meditations & visualisations. Access to meditations and visualisations to help rewire your brain and accelerate healing your limiting beliefs.

❤︎ Private Facebook group. This is an optional space to help you feel supported and answer questions that may arise between sessions.

❤︎  The option to add a coaching call to establish your goals and any barriers whilst creating a bespoke healing plan specifically to you.


PAY IN full £497

PAY IN two £250

PLUS 1-1 coaching £647*

(*payment plan available)


This is not just another inner work class teaching you how to connect with your inner child but never showing you what to actually do.

It also is not somewhere where you can focus on changing other people or gaining insight into them with the intent of changing them into the fantasized version you hold in your mind.

It is redirecting and shifting your focus from them back onto you with the most empowering results with someone who has been right where you are walking the path along side you.

Keeping you accountable on the days where you feel like you can’t do it anymore.

Extending extra compassion to you when you can’t see yourself through the challenges that come up.

It is becoming the woman inside who you share so many similarities with yet, she feels too far away.

A place to reconnect with your intuition, be seen, heard and held safely.

All of this is possible for you when you know how.


And the best part is you don’t have to change who you are at your core just learn how to protect yourself against things that do not serve your highest self.

To reconnect with your truth and shifting out of a victim mentality which is keeping you stuck and beholden to all the people who came and tore you down piece by piece.

To rebuild those pieces carefully and intentionally stronger than before.

You can’t think your way through healing wounds alone especially those that predate you, but you can become conscious, build awareness around the patterns, have a internal toolkit that will empower you and break toxic cycles  that have kept you living with a hijacked nervous system for the longest time.

By reconnecting with yourself at the deepest level and taking accountability over your own life you can make the changes one step at a time that rewrites you a future that allows you to say no to anything less than you deserve.



When you take time to fall in love with yourself (and yes, I mean every single part of you that exists. The good, the bad and the indifferent) you’ll inherently belief your enoughness.

No more questioning your worth when someone else can’t see your value because when you know the incredible qualities you have you’ll also see any misalignments and not internalise it as not being worthy.

No more entertaining the breadcrumbs of attention,affection and effort others offer you because you know you’re worthy of the whole damn cake which, by the way, if they aren’t willing to give you, you can bake yourself!

No more seeing confusing and chaotic behaviour as an invitation to try harder.

No more self-sacrificing your own wants and needs just because you don’t want to be alone because when your internal world is peaceful anything that falls short is unattractive.

No more outsourcing your happiness because you know that happiness is an inside job.

When you know you are enough no one and nothing can take that away.


Live workshops, workbook, supportive community and enhancing meditations and visualisations to help you step into the highest version of yourself.

My signature framework focuses on working on 3 main phases of healing –  Somatic’s, Mindset and Heart work to shift you from hurt to healing.

❤︎ Week 1 – Reconnection: Emotional mastery, stabilisation and nervous system regulation so we can start to unpack out stuff safely whilst focusing on building a self-soothing toolkit so that you can feel supported and equipped to start moving forwarded.

❤︎ Week 2 – Awareness: Exploration of patterns, behaviours and core wounds so that you can gain self-awareness can speak your truth whilst being seen and heard in a safe and validating space. I pride myself on meeting you in a non-judgmental and compassionate manner.

❤︎ Week 3 – Acceptance:  Learning to meet ourselves with compassion and forgiveness whilst showing up for our inner little girl as the parent we wish we had to start to rebuild our internal self-trust and remove self-doubt.

❤︎ Week 4 – Foundational Rebuild: Becoming honest with ourselves so that we can start to rebuild robust foundations of self-esteem and self-worth so that we can assert our boundaries, stand up for our standards and walk away from our deal breakers.

❤︎ Week 5 -Unhealthy vs healthy: Exploration of relationships within your life so that you can take inventory of any toxic drains. Deep dive into red flags, yellow flags and green flags so that you can identify them immediately when moving forward.

❤︎  Week 6 – Girls night in/moving forward powerfully: Final reflections and plans to move forward feeling empowered, confident and secure.

Plus optional 1-1 

There is an option to add a 1-1 coaching call to support and help you get the most out of our time together.

❤︎ During this call we will establish your goals and any barriers that may arise whilst creating a bespoke healing path specifically designed for you.



❤︎ You are ready to do the internal work (even when it’s uncomfortable) and are ready to stop playing small in your own life.

❤︎ You are no longer wanting to see yourself as a victim and want to take back your power to rewrite the future narrative of your life.

❤︎ You are ready to fall back in love with yourself and create a healthy relationship from within.

❤︎ You are ready to step into your inherent value and worth simply because you woke up this morning.

❤︎ You are tired of people pleasing, over-giving and over-functioning to secure love.

❤︎ You are tired of chasing unavailable partners and want a healthy, safe love.


❤︎ You are not ready to do the work.

❤︎ You want an overnight magic solution.

❤︎ You are not ready to make significant changes in your life.

❤︎ You are not ready to shift out of a victim mindset.


We can continue to stay a victim to our past or we can decide we want better for ourselves and choose a different way. We can have healthier and happier relationships but only when the relationship with ourselves becomes healthier and happier.

Because the truth is, nothing changes until you make a decision and commitment to that change. I know you want better for yourself and to break the cycle of toxic relationships and not only will it serve you for the rest of your life it will creates the ripple effect for the generations of women that will come after you.

Become the adult your little girl would have loved to have had for her.


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Is She’s More THAN Enough™ for me?

If you are ready to learn about yourself, increase yourself awareness and step back into you power so you can build a healthier and happier relationship with yourself then yes this is for you! We’re not focused on finding you’re a soul mate or teaching your dating tips we are focused on healing relational trauma so that you can regain your power, respect,trust and self-worth and step into the most confident version of yourself.

How is the program delivered?

The program is delivered via zoom weekly for the duration of the course.

How long does the program last?

The program is 6 weeks long. Each coaching call is 60-90 minutes once a week.

I’ve added the 1-1 coaching call when can I take this and how long is it?

The coaching call can be scheduled anytime within the 6 weeks. Some prefer to use it at the beginning and some at the end – it is entirely up to you. The coaching call is the standard 50 minutes.

How much time do I need to commit?

Each call is 60-90 minutes and there will be optional worksheets to enhance what we have discussed which I would suggest you allow 30 minutes for a week. These worksheets are not compulsory but I highly recommend completing them.

I am not in the UK can I still work with you?

Yes! I work with clients globally. We will just collaborate together and all clients will receive a replay of the class so you can catch up/rewatch.

I don’t have Facebook can I still sign up?

Absolutely! The Facebook group is optional for an extra layer of support but you don’t have to join.